Certification authority ESS QCA

E-SMART SYSTEMS DOO BELGRADE certification authority (ESS QCA) was registered in the Register of trusted service providers on 05/07/2018. years. We offer you the following trusted services:

according to the Law on Electronic Documents, Electronic Identification and Trust Services in Electronic Business (Official Gazette of RS, No. 94/2017 and 52/2021) , and based on the decision of the Ministry of Information and Telecommunications No. 345-01-260/2018- 12-1 of 07.05.2018. years.


Dear customers,

We inform you that due to the increased interest of users in our service of issuing qualified certificates for electronic signature, we will not be able to receive users who do not have an appointment in the upcoming period. You can make an appointment when submitting an online request for issuance, data change and reissuance (online request submission), after which you must wait for confirmation of the appointment.

We cannot guarantee that users who come to the ESS QCA Certification authority without an appointment will be admitted.

Thanks for understanding.

Why should you get a certificate from us?

You get a certificate with just one visit

Certificate issuance in less than 30 minutes

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Electronic signature

Issuance of qualified certificates for electronic signature

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Prices from RSD 2,970

Electronic seal

Issuance of qualified certificates for electronic seal

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Prices from RSD 12,000