New subscriber registration

All legal entities that are not registered subscribers of ESS QCA must first go through the registration process in order to be able to submit requests for issuing qualified electronic signature certificates for their employees (natural persons belonging to legal entities). Registration process for new subscriber within ESS QCA is done in four steps:

  1. Submission of a registration request
  2. Processing of the request within the RA body and sending the email with OTL link for downloading the contract
  3. Downloading the contract by the subscriber and attaching the signed version of the contract
  4. Verification of the signed contract within the RA body – completion of the subscriber registration process

Below you can start the process by entering information about the legal entity and attaching (uploading) the Verified Signature form (OP form). After submitting the registration request, further instructions, and notifications about the progress of the process will be sent to the email address of the legal entity.

*The exchange of contracts is done via OTL link that will be sent via email later in the process, and within which the subscriber will be able to download the contract and attach (upload) the signed version of it.